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Hidden Numbers 2014

The first version of the game with our alpha version v01 Jul-game lovers will meet in 2014. Game manufacturer to Afala
very new brand, but has found its place in the industry in a short time. If you need to talk briefly about the game;

Game 5 X 5 square is played on a screen split screen. PLAY At the top of the screen, respectively, and Reset buttons are ACTION.

Player pressing the play button to start a level. This button first series of numbers on the screen, which sai 3 sequential random dollar Karaka. At this time a timer is activated

and the player to memorize the location of this number measures the time. Player memorize sure when the "action" button is pressed and thus the numbers on the screen disappears. At the same time
the schedule timer is reset. This counter will spend longer time to find the number of players hold. The player on the screen as the screen with numbers disappeared by the number of tries to find the fabric.

Tap the square error when the wrong done to households will be covered. I have completed level is when you find the number. To move to another level again to "play" button, press the number 4 comes scattered randomly across this time.
In this way these processes are considered in each case to continue to increase. 5 X 5 = 25 square end of the game like the level up to fill in the numbers continues.

It expires at the end of each level to the level of a score is calculated and a total score is projected. Each level when calculating the score:

it's time to level the numbers to memorize, she spends time to find the number that is being provided by the level number, and number doing while finding the number of errors are taken into account.

meter at the bottom left of the screen: according to the situation to memorize or counter indicates the number of operations to find the number in the bottom right hand side of the screen while finding the number indicates the number of errors made.

taking the number of memory functioning during the process of finding the number of counters are reset when starting. This counter is reset at the switch level. in the same manner that keeps the number of errors counter is reset every level

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