Download Binaural Beat Builder for Android


Played through headphones, binaural beats have long been used to alter the dominant frequency of brain activity, with a variety of goals: deep sleep, hypnotic induction, meditation, conscious relaxation, concentration, cognition, and problem solving are the most common.

Unlike other binaural beat apps, this software allows you to design, create and play your own binaural beats, choosing beat/entrainment frequency and pitch. It is intuitive, resource efficient (won't drain your battery) and best of all, free!

You can play a simple, single-frequency session, or build complex entrainment sessions to achieve your goals.

The included example sessions and help will allow you to choose the best beat, pitch and entrainment strategy to achieve your goals. You can start from scratch, modify one of the preset sessions, or simply play a preset, choosing from:
+ Meditation
+ Schumann resonance
+ Various length nap sessions
+ Complex sleep cycle sessions, from a single cycle to the perfect night's sleep
+ Lucid dream induction
+ Various lengths of learning, problem-solving or concentration sessions
+ Various lengths of hypnotic induction and sessions
+ Caffeine-like energy boosts