Download Farm Bubbles for Android


Aren't you tired of shooting bubbles descending gradually? This farm themed bubble shooter game offers you different bubble shooter missions with bubble puzzle levels and even physics based bubble shooter levels. We are adding more and more bubble shooter levels and missions to continue your farm adventure.

There are farm animals waiting for you to be rescued. Throw shooter ball to same color bubble group until you have the save chicks. When enough chicks rescued, you can continue shooting bubbles in the next levels of this bubble shooter game. In some levels, there are bubble spinner circles in the middle of which a farm animal like a cow is placed. The aim is to shoot the bubbles around the farm animal and rescue animal from the physics based bubble traps. There are just one farm animal to be rescued in these animal rescue modes. Besides, there are some bubble shooter levels in which you try to rescue cows and pigs stuck in bubbles. The lovers of bubble games will continue bubble mania with Farm Bubbles.

Farm Bubbles – Bubble Shooter is not only an addictive game but also a brain teaser puzzle game. You should shoot the bubbles carefully because you have limited bubble in your hand. If you like, you can change the bubble on canon with the next bubble. Use power-ups like color ball and fire ball to destroy bubbles. When you use all the moves and need more, there is +5 ball power-up that gives you the 5 extra moves.

Various bubble trouble is on your way in Farm Bubbles bubble shooter game. To pop the bubble or bubbles more easily, aim the shooter ball carefully. If it does not work, use color ball or fire ball to pop bubbles. Popping color balls and bauble is your new journey as a farmer in this farmhouse. Find your way among straw bales and straw things in farmhouse without shooting sheep or to be bewitched by bubble trouble. Take the control of bubble shooter ball when popping bubbles in circle spinner in animal fire rescue modes of this bubble shooter puzzle game: Farm Bubbles. The images in bubbles like four leaf clover or straw things make you feel like a farmer in a farmhouse. Popping bubble to animal rescue or pet rescue turn you into a bauble digger but at the end of these bubble journeys, you will be like a bubbler king. There is nothing jawbreaker in the title of this game like wubble bubble. It is only Farm Bubbles, don’t forget. After Farm Bubbles, you know all wubble bubble games inside-out.


– Amusing bubble shooter game: Farm Bubbles
– Lovely farm images like mill, straw man, honey bees, four leaf clover, straw bales
– Mushroom, ladybug, snake, flower, four leaf clover icons in colorful bubbles
– Cute animals like cow, sheep, pig waiting among bubbles to be rescued
– Farm adventure journeys through hundreds of bubble shooter levels
– Power-ups like color ball, fire ball, and +5 balls
– Different modes with bubble spinner circles and descending bubbles
– Interchangeable bubbles
– Limited moves at each level
– Honey barrel filled with popped bubble ball