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jajajajan is an educational children’s app that lets kids watch, read and listen to animated stories.

Read, Learn, play, and dance!
A new tablet and smartphone educational app for kids. Jajajajan is a new app in kid's education for smartphone and tablet. Experience communicating better and fostering your child's curiosity while playing in Prince Jajaja's kingdom.

* Kids Stories
Animated traditional folk/fairy tales and original stories can be enjoyed – just like watching a cartoon!

* Kids Songs
Children’s songs from around the world featuring various musical arrangements!

= World Fairy Tales =
Three Little Pigs    ★FREE
The Little Match Seller ★FREE
Jack and The Beanstalk ★FREE
Little Red Riding Hood
The Dog and Its Reflection
The Golden Axe
The North Wind and the Sun

= Japanese Fairy Tales =
Kasajizou ★FREE
Omusubi Karolin (Rolling Rice Ball Story)
Momotaro (Samurai Boy's Story)
Kachi-kachi Mountain

= Original Stories =
Welcome to the Snowman’s Party!

= Kids Songs =
Oh Vreneli        ★FREE
Let's clap our hands    ★FREE
The other day I met a bear ★FREE
Bobbin winding      ★FREE
Red Shoes
Little fox
Rabbit Dance
Sesame miso
Yankee Doodle
Under the chestnut tree
Twinkle twinkle little star

0 – 8 years old

If certain songs or stories cannot be viewed, there may have been an error when downloading the videos. If the download/install button does not re-appear, please uninstall and then re-install this app.

When the app is re-installed, the bookshelf may be reset, but any purchased storybooks can be downloaded again for free by clicking on the “Confirm Purchase” (i mark in the bottom left corner).

For any other questions/issues with the app, please refer to the following:
Help Page

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