Download Hi Guess the Place: World Quiz for Android


Which famous cities and countries have you been to? Start this amazing trivia quiz and try to guess all the places in the picture. Let’s travel the world with beautiful place puzzles.

If you are boring with playing the ordinary logo game, why don't you come to try our newly designed guess game – Hi Guess the Place. It is different from those trivia quiz games which only show brand logos or icons in the picture. This is a great quiz game that let you test your knowledge about countries, cities and cultures. And it is full of famous buildings, beautiful scenery, traditional performance, typical food or drinks etc. It contains hundreds of images from all over the world, like Eiffel Tower, Sydney Opera House, Statue of Liberty, Big Ben, Fujiyama, Pyramid & Sphinx, Colosseum etc. Travel the world with these famous historic and cultural sites, imagine the taste of drinks and delicious food, enjoy the amazing performance… What a fabulous experience!

Countless funny puzzles from easy to hard are waiting for you! New puzzles will be added continuously for endless fun! It's easy to start and simple to play. See the image and guess the city or the country. Challenge and test if you know all the cities and countries in the pictures! Or you can share this wonderful quiz game to your friends to figure out who knows more places or who can guess them faster.

Stuck? Don't worry, you can use hints to solve puzzles that you can't figure out or even reach out to your friends using Facebook to ask for help. Or you also can tap the “Reveal Letter” button to show a random correct letter, the “Remove Letters” function will help you to remove the incorrect letters. And if you want to get the answer and access the next puzzle directly, you can tap the button of “Reveal the Answer”. Besides, if you already run out of the hints, you can get more free ones by rating us.

This is not only a geography landmark quiz, but also is a culture test. If you love traveling, you must love this game! Travel the beautiful world immediately and imagine the taste of the delicious food with the game! Come on, download it now!


Easy to start, have fun immediately!
Free, no registration required. Download and enjoy the endless fun now! Simple to play for everyone.

New puzzles will be added continuously for endless fun!
We will update the game and add more amazing puzzles continuously! No ending fun is waiting for you!

Most addictive trivia quiz!
Can you recognize all the places (cities or countries) in the pictures? How many places have you travelled? I believe that you can't help solving the puzzles once you start it!

Funny and sophisticated graphics make you feel relax!
The perfect color match and well-designed interface offer you an awesome visual experience.

Various help & hints options!
You can use the free hints (Reveal Letter, Remove Letters and Reveal the Answer) to help you, or you also can share the puzzle you can't solve to friends to ask for help. If you run out of the free hints, you can rate us to get more free ones or buy some.