Download Daily Dua and Azkar mp3 for Android


Muslim Daily Dua and Azkar mp3 contain more than 40 Dhikr of the most famous imams in the muslim world like: dua sudais mp3, dua al afasy nad many Adkar from quran and sunnah (without internet 100% free).
we also choosed very important and essential islamic supplications like Duua qunoot and Duaas for marriage and iftar in English and Arabic.
With this Islamic application 2015 for android you will enjoy and listen to Free mp3 douaa for every muslim (صوتية ادعية) so you can be prepared for Ramadan 2015 / 1436.
We also made sur to add multiple Doua for different situation:
Dua for parents : parents are very important in islam even in coran you will find that god made sur to tell us to take care of our mother and father.
Du'aa for protection: from the evil things or the bad eye or rokia charia made by soudais
invocation for help : from allah in many hard situation in the life
Namaz for depression: who of us was not depressed in his life for many situations in this case the only thing to do is to ask god for help.
Dua forgiveness: humans commit a lot of wrong and sins but Allah is merciful and will always forgive us no matter what we do wrong.
Dua for travelling : travel safe and be protected by almighty god
Douaa after salah : after you pray to allah you can make a d3a2 mostajab inshallah
Duua iftar : make that dhikr in Ramadan
Dua for Breaking the Fast (Iftar): after a long day of ramadhan make your (Fasting -Siyam) mostajab.
do3a for Sighting the Crescent Moon
Dua for Laila tul Qadr : the night of power the most spiritual night and the most important night for muslims
Ending The Fast- Iftaar : siyam makbool bidini allah
Azkar for ending the quran (khatm ul quran) : most muslims read all quran by the end of Ramadan this dhikr is for those who ended Ramadaan.
Night Prayers (Tahajjujd)
Douaa end of ramadan
some imams :
Al Sudais, Maher El Maaiqli ,Ali Jaber, hani Ar Rifai, Ahmed Al Ajmi, Cheikh Jebril, Mahmood Hedjaz, Ismail Menk, Hamza Tzortzis.


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This App was tested on different Smaetphones such as Samsung Galaxy S6, S5, S4, and Note 3 also S3, Google Nexus 5 and HTC One X, LG G3,