Download Expense Manager for Android


Expense Manager is a powerful app for managing your personal finance with a precise user interface.
It gives you the way that automatically and thoroughly analyzes your income and expenses.

This is completely free.

** Key Feature **

– Most relevant information on dashboard at a glance (Expense, Income, Account and Budget).
– Show Dashboard information with current week, current month and current year basis.
– Add one time or recurring income and expenses.
– Set cleared and pending transaction status.
– Show list of 'Current' and 'Future' transactions on the basis of date and category.
– Manage preset income and expenses to add quick entry.
– Manage preset payee, payer and notes to add quickly.
– Manage expense and income categories with icons(about 100) and set background color to identify easily.
– Specific categories budget management on the basis of weekly, monthly and yearly.
– Set your local currency by 100+ currencies.

** Accounts **

– Manage multiple accounts and transfer amounts between accounts.
– Monthly Detailed list of account cash flow with cumulative balances.
– Swap account position up and down to quick access your preferred account.
– Unchecked to close account you want.

** Reports **

– Show daily and monthly statistics.
– show multiple reports with line and pie chart (daily, weekly, monthly and yearly and custom date range basis)
– Expense categories report
– Income categories report
– Payee report
– Payer report
– Balance report