Download ŠKODA Performance for Android


This application from ŠKODA AUTO requires to have a car equipped with SmartGate*.

Never miss a good drive with the new Performance App from ŠKODA AUTO!
Record your drives – Analyze all your tracks – Compare your driving skills.

*Record your drive*
With a SmartGate in your car, you are able to retrieve numerous signals directly from your car.
Collect live data such as speed, RPM, G-force, gas pedal pressure etc. easily just by connecting your smartphone
to the car's WiFi.

No need to set it up – Just press the button and start your Performance! With a Live recorder you are able to
record all your driving skills without any further distraction while driving.

*My tracks*
Manage your records. Compare your skills.
With the SmartGate and your localization features combined you get access to your driving details analysis including maximal/average values, colored graphs and full maps integration.

*Social Networking*
Excited about your last drive? Share stats easily with your friends via message, mail or social media!

For your security, watch the current traffic situation and do not operate the device while driving.

NOTICE: To connect the App with SmartGate device download the SmartGate App that will automatically connects your SmartGate Apps with your car.