Download Barometer In Status Bar Lite for Android


Barometer in the status bar — an application for measuring atmospheric pressure on Android smart devices equipped with a pressure sensor.
The program displays the current air pressure, pressure changing value and the chart for a certain time period.
The main feature of the application is the air pressure display in the status bar of the device.
The program will be useful to those people, who are interested in weather, addicted to fishing, love traveling, leave an active lifestyle or sensitive to the air pressure changes.

• The limited range of values displayed in the status bar (730 – 790 mm Hg, 970 – 1050 hPa, 29 – 31 inches Hg);
• No automatic color selection icons, depending on the pressure;
• The lack of startup icons;
• The lack of warning of a change in pressure;
• Restricted application settings;
• The presence of advertising.

The application operates only on the devices equipped with an air pressure sensor! Some of them are listed below.
• Samsung Galaxy S VI;
• Samsung Galaxy S V;
• Samsung Galaxy S IV;
• Samsung Galaxy S III;
• Samsung Galaxy Note IV;
• Samsung Galaxy Note III;
• Samsung Galaxy Note II;
• Samsung Galaxy Note;
• Samsung Galaxy Nexus;
• Google Nexus 4;
• Google Nexus 5;
• Google Nexus 6;
• Google Nexus 10;
• Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX HD;
• Motorola Moto X;
• Motorola XOOM 2;
• Xiaomi MI 2;
• Xiaomi MI 3;
• Runbo Q5;
• Runbo X5;
• Runbo X6;
• RugGear RG210/220;
• RugGear RG960/970;
• Rivotek RT-550;
• Senseit P4;
• Seals TS3.

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