Download Fit Girls: Gymnastic Team Star for Android


All that hard work has paid off! You’ve been accepted into the school’s gymnastics team and your first practice session is today. Before you step to the mats, start those flips, or hit the uneven bars, head over to the salon to get a makeover. With just the right look, you’ll have the confidence to show those other girls you’re a star!

In Gymnastics Salon, you have all the spa tools you need to dress up and make the gymnastics team shine! Visit the spa to get a facial mask and pamper your skin. Once you’re fresh and clean, choose your makeup! Pick from pretty eye shadows, lipsticks, blushes, and more! Next, choose a hairstyle perfect for tumbling and put on your uniform. With the right look, top-notch skills, and artistic talent, you’re sure to be captain in no time!

Product Features:
– Choose from 4 characters: Hayley, Nicole, Kimberly, or Lauren.
– Choose gymnastics coach: Joshua, Luke, Terrene, or Christopher.
– Spa tools to clean up and pamper yourself!
– Choose cute makeup and hairstyles.
– Wear cool uniforms!
– Head to the gym to show off!

How to Play:
– Use interactive controls to play the game.
– Visit the spa to clean up, do hair, fix makeup, and dress up.
– Become a gymnastics pro!