Download KPMG DilemmApp for Android


This KPMG DilemmApp is an interactive training tool that let’s you vote and discuss ethical dilemma cases that may arise in the business world.

Although there are many rules and regulations for compliance when confronted with real life cases it can be difficult to determine what the right action should be. These “dilemma situations” can be defined as situations were interests, norms, rules, values or principles are in conflict with each other, and usually can be simplified towards offering two main solution alternatives, neither of which is fully acceptable in solving a specific problem.

The KPMG DilemmApp will:
– Present you cases where you can vote on possible actions.
– Show you how other players have voted on the dilemma.
– Let you engage in a discussion with other players about the specific dilemma.
– Give you a separate scoring screen where your scores are presented on three levels: Personal, Organizational and Society.
– Give you the opportunity to share your own dilemmas.

This App is an ideal tool to provide basic ethical dilemma training to raise awareness of potential compliance risk at the workplace. It helps to resolve challenges that inevitably arise when conflicting interests, norms, rules, values or principles are at stake. On request, KPMG can tailor the app in both content and branding for your own organization.