Download Fury 90 Fantasy Soccer Manager for Android


Fury 90 Fantasy Soccer Manger – All the Drama of 90 Minutes in 90 Seconds

Build and manage your soccer team, challenge your friends and soccer celebrities, and earn bragging rights for being a top manager! Fury 90 is soccer’s next generation fantasy simulation game.


Each manager starts with a small budget to create a team of their top eleven players with three substitutes. Make sure to pick players who are in top form as your team’s fantasy performance depends on real life soccer statistics.

To make your team better, you can buy and sell up to ten players per week for free to build the best squad. Enter the live market or buy packs to get who you need to make your team the best!


Once your team is ready, you can instantly begin gameplay by challenging your friends, soccer celebrities and league opponents to a data driven 90 second game simulation. Do you have what it takes to be a top level soccer manager?

Change your tactics in-game depending on how the game is going by simply sliding the button at the bottom of the screen to attack, defense, or balance!


After each game, you will earn XP (Experience Points) depending on wins, losses, and goals scored. Beginning at Level 1, compete against your friends to reach the highest levels.

Manage your way through our league structure and feel the joy of promotion after a 20 game season and the heartbreak of relegation if your top eleven doesn’t cut it.

Upgrade your stadium, hire coaches, and unlock new formations to maximize your squad and give you the best chance of winning.


We are always expanding Fury 90 with regular feature updates.

Have issues with the game or want to help us improve your experience? Our support team is always available.

Note: A network connection is required to play Fury 90 Fantasy Soccer Manager. A Facebook account is not necessary.