Download Dutch Design Week for Android


DDW is the biggest design event in Northern Europe and it presents work and ideas of more than 2400 designers to more than 250,000 visitors from home and abroad.

In more than eighty locations across the city, DDW organizes and facilitates exhibitions, lectures, prize ceremonies, networking events, debates and festivities. 

The DDW App 2015 combines best methods in mobile technology to deliver relevant information at the right time to the visitors at the various venues that are hosting these events.

The DDW App presents several design routes and let visitors to find their desirable design exhibition and activities.

The DDW App 2015 functionalities are as follows:

Beacon Technology: Proximity based sensors allow visitors to receive relevant notifications at DDWs locations. Therefore, DDW attendees never miss any events or activities. The beacon technology helps the pre-defined routes to be much more engaging. The notifications can be disabled directly via the app settings.

“Live Map”: One of the best features of the app revolves around its map and location precisions. DDW participants are able to switch between Map and List views. This way they will find all the programs overviews.

Happening Now: There are many program schedules simultaneously on any given day during the event. The app lets visitors to find out which events are best suited for them based on the time available.

Around Me: Using Geo-Location, visitors are able to check what activities and programs are attainable within three-kilometer radius of their current location.

Advanced Search: There are different ways to explore the DDW; the attendees can find their desired activities by venue location, artist name, route, etc.

What if Generator: The generator is built exclusively for this year’s Dutch design week campaign “What if”. The Generator lets the users of the app to share a custom “theme” banner on their social media network using the app.

Bookmarks: visitors can bookmark any of Dutch Design Week activities at different instances. They can store all of their favorite events before step a foot in the festival.

Recommendations: This is not only an informational app! Visitors can recommend events and programs to others. The app is built in a way that you could recommend an event or program to other people that are attending certain event as well.