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Police sniper chase 3D

Police sniper chase is an amazing realistic 3d shooting game

Polices have been assigned with the mission to clean the city from the terrorists and drug mafias. The city is under attack and you being a best sniper of the law enforcement agencies will help the cops to eliminate every threat that comes on its way. You can play in this Ultimate crime simulator different type of missions.
A Vicious coalition between the hostile terrorist groups and nation Brave soldier; Lead the SWAT force captain to enter into a death battle with the blood thirsty terrorists.
Terrorist organizations spread chaos and destruction. Their aim is to spread havoc, fear and destruction. They have set up their base in our once peaceful city. Large areas have already been devastated and only SWAT can stop them reducing the rest to rubble.
It's time to stand up and fight. It's time to destroy them! Aim of Police sniper chase 3D; your mission is to kill each and every terrorist from this planet. Wreak havoc with shooter game!
Shoot down every individual who is involved and part of organized crimes. The mafia is not giving up and are on the roads of the city to fight with the police. Chase them and take them down in their hideout. The city needs to be clean and peaceful. We hope you will enjoy the ultimate crime simulator game Police Sniper Chase 3D free shooting game. You must be unkilled cop hero to eliminate all resident evil from your city.


Pistol (Desert Eagle), Assault Rifles (AK-47 / M4A1), Sniper Rifle, Shotgun XM1014,

New collection and upgrade system
Epic audio-visual effects
New combinations of fights
3D High-tech tactical Guns
Special Super Powers
Fight against vicious terrorists
HD graphics
Best thrilling destruction shooting game
Unique Action Camera scenes and sequences throughout the game
Unlimited challenging missions
Realistic animations
Huge Cities
Latest Sniper rifles
Single shot Gameplay
Addicting Gameplay
3D Graphics