Download Endless Wasteland Racer for Android


Can you escape the wasteland in Endless Wasteland Racer? Endless racing is now redefined in this great game. Get in your american muscle car and try to escape the wasteland. After the apocalypse most of the cars and escape routes are destroyed. The only road who isn’t destroyed is your way out of the wasteland.

Endless Wasteland Racer is easy to play but to set a real high score you have to master this game. Swipe your american muscle car over the streets and try to avoid the destroyed pickup trucks, boxes, barrels.
Your muscle car will start slow but will gain more speed how further you drive on the road. How faster your car will go how harder it will be to dodge the obstacles on the track. The apocalypse did also destroyed a lot of bridges and you will drive beneath them so sometimes they will disable your view. can you react quickly enough to dodge the upcoming standing pickup trucks. To make it even harder you also have to jump over the broken road.

Features of Endless Wasteland Racer
Swipe to change lanes
Easy to play
Can you escape the wasteland?
Endless racer game
Full responsive game: Portrait and landscape playable

Don’t hit anything on the road
How further you go the more speed your muscle car will gain
Don’t get frustrated when you crash

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