Download Deep Sleep Hypnosis – Insomnia for Android


Cure insomnia or other sleep disorders and get a better sleep! Let this sleep aid send you to slumber. Hypnotherapy recordings to let you fall into deep relaxing slumber or if you in a hurry a power nap. Sleep well and relaxed, get rid of sleepless nights!

App Features:

+ Female and Male sleep hypnotherapy tracks in naturally calming, sleepy voice that gets you into a sleep hypnosis.

+ Dark colors for relaxed eyes helps you unconsciously with your sleep disorders.

+ Overcome Insomnia with adjustable hypnotic background sounds and music.

+ Hypnosis Spiral Animation for quick power naps and deep slumbers.

+ Background sound effects helps you fall asleep into a relaxed deep sleep.

+ Cure insomnia naturally, have a better sleep and say goodbye to sleepless nights!

After a few nights of use, you will be able to overcome insomnia, sleep disorders or random sleepless nights naturally, with relaxing audio sleep hypnosis from professional hypnotists. It is free, and even features a relaxing spiral animation to look at while you wait for your eyes to close naturally and fall asleep..

A good, solid, full night's sleep can work wonders. I invite you to rest, relax, and listen while you fall asleep, so you can start feeling better right away. May you fall asleep feeling warm, loved, and comfortable, enjoy a long, sound sleep, and awake tomorrow refreshed, energised, happy, relaxed, and ready to do what needs to get done, with no more insomnia.

No more insomnia, no more sleep problems. Just great hypnotherapy.

Among the chief advantages of hypnosis is that when you in a hypnotic state, you centre or focus your awareness on pure relaxation. A state of centred awareness almost feels as though you're an observer of sleepy thoughts and images rather than a part of them. This allows you to bypass the "gatekeepers" at the entrance to the subconscious and superconscious so you are able to access these levels of consciousness directly, and the brain is much more receptive to suggestion. The unconscious or subconscious may then be reprogrammed so it lets go of old patterns, beliefs and feelings that cause your insomnia. They may be replaced with suggestions that are favourable and affirming, helping you overcome insomnia with hypnosis.

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