Download Hue TapApp for Android


Note: you can only use this app if you have a Philips hue system and one or more hue tap switches connected to your bridge!

Hue tap is a great product that lets you control your hue lights when your smart phone or tablet is out of reach. With the hue TapApp you can add more functionalities to your hue tap so you can enjoy your hue lights even more!

Features include:

• On/Off – turn selected lights on or off using one button
• Scene – switch between multiple scenes
• Dim Down – dim selected lights down 20%
• Dim Up – dim selected lights up 20%
• Colour loop – activate and deactivate a random colour loop for selected lights
• Blink – flash selected lights once
• Random – change colour of selected lights to a random value
• Christmas– color effect, lamps continuously changing from red to green
• Other – behaviour set by other app
• Hue – allows conversion of existing HueApp behaviour to TapApp behaviour for seamless experience.

The scenes shown by the hue TapApp are the scenes which are stored in the hue bridge. Which scenes are stored is determined by the apps creating the scenes. Note that some apps store scenes multiple times (with the same name) e.g. after you edited a scene. All the hue TapApp does is showing the stored scenes and allowing you to use them.

Watch the video to see TapApp behaviour in action! Download the TapApp now so you can see it for yourself!