Download Animals Quiz Game for Android


IF you know many "fun facts" about different "animal species" and you are a fan of "super fun animal games" for learning and free quizzes, download free Animals Quiz Game and test your knowledge now! Check how much information you know about jungle animals, domestic animals, endangered species, aquatic or African animals and all other creatures that dwell on Earth. You may take this app as an "animal encyclopedia" – learn a multitude of "interesting facts about animals"! Explore the intriguing "animal world" with this awesome Animal Quiz Game! Which animal is the biggest mammal? Which big cat is the largest one? Which is the largest venomous snake in the world? Get a ton of "animal quiz questions and answers" and have a blast with this fun quiz game for kids and adults!
Let's see what you know about cats and dogs, snakes, whales, dolphins, tigers, monkeys, birds, lions, elephants, kangaroos, meerkats and many other species! “Learn about animals” while having fun!

➜ 5 levels of difficulty in the endless quiz questions and answers;
➜ Play “animals quiz”, choose one of 4 offered answers and do it fast, the clock is ticking;
➜ Give the answer quickly and win extra points for being fast;
➜ Be careful not to make three errors in a row or else you'll have to start over;
➜ Use one of 3 available helps to solve the questions:
**50:50 – remove two incorrect answers;
**Switch your question with another one;
**Use the help of your friends – take a look at their answers shown in percent.
➜ Log in with Facebook to win free coins and compete with your friends – check the leader board and beat the high score!

More than 300 fun trivia questions about “zoo animals”, “wild animals”, endangered species, beautiful birds, sea creatures and many other mammals, vertebrates and invertebrates wait for you in this easy-to-play quiz game! Look at the “animal pictures” and “guess the animal” or acquire a bunch of new “information about animals” by answering to multiple choice questions!
Animals Quiz Game is a free to play “animal quiz with answers” – you get four offered answers and your task is to choose the correct one! Besides tricky trivia questions about different species, you'll also get questions with “baby animal pictures”, “jungle animals pictures” and many other “animal images”! Improve your general knowledge by learning “animal facts”! Which species is your favorite? Is it a lion, a giraffe, a bear or a fox? How big, do you think, a blue whale is? What dog breed was sacred in China? Are turtles mammals? What color tongue does a Chow-Chow have? It sounds intriguing, right? Learn all these facts and much more by playing “animal quiz games”! Quizzes are excellent “learning games” and brainteasers that help your practice your brain while taking a rest! This “animal quiz for kids” and adults will soon become your favorite quiz! “Guess the animal games” are fun and popular so don't miss this opportunity and download free animal game for girls and boys, teenagers and adults! See if you can recognize any of these creatures by looking at the pictures – do you know how a hyena, koala, bluebird, baboon, albatross, antelope and other rare species look like? What about domestic animals? How familiar are you with donkeys, cows, horses, ducks, pigs, chicken, cute puppies, kitties and other “cute animals” seen on farms? Grab Animals Quiz Game NOW and spend your free time by learning amazing stuff about mammals, fishes, birds, insects etc.! If animal planet is your favorite TV channel, this fun encyclopedia quiz is the right game for you! Guess the animal by the picture, answer to quiz questions and beat all your Facebook friends in this fun trivia quiz game!