Download Destiny Ninja 2/Shall we date? for Android


Shall we date?: Destiny Ninja 2+

A long awaited sequel to “Destiny Ninja”, the greatest hit of the Shall we date? series is now in your hand!

Destiny Ninja 2+ is a Japanese-style dating simulation game, set in Yamato Island, a beautiful fantasy world of the ancient Japan, where the four seasons exuberantly express their beauties and many ninjas and samurais live. In the game, you, as a skillful ninja princess, will be meeting the attractive ninja and samurai fighters: Kaito, Kikyo, Shiroya, Rindoh, Ran, Ayu, Fuyukiku, and Yayoi. They’ll serve and accompany you on a fateful journey to resist your pitiless destiny. Out of those eight reliable men, who will be your partner to share love and your inevitable destiny?

The promising love adventure is about to start. Be ready for an expressive, spectacular, and heart-pounding romantic experience!

* FREE to play!
* Various types of attractive male characters await to be your partner for the adventurous, destined journey.
* Multiple endings for each character; the ending you’ll experience varies depending on the course of actions in your gameplay.
* The original setting and concept are attractively expressed and portrayed in the game.
* Along with romantic kiss scenes, it includes dynamic ninja and samurai fighting scenes, adding dramatic essences to the story.
* Catchy, alluring soundtracks and motion effects successfully boost the gameplay experience to the next level.
* Many beautifully illustrated graphics of Japanese comic, manga and anime arts are found in the game; those visuals bring the players the vivid lifelike experience of Yamato Island.
* Enjoy Japanese seasonal cosplay with a variety of accessories and items in the avatar game!


NTT Solmare is a Japanese game company, especially focusing to bring Japanese visual novels and Otome games to the world! Destiny Ninja 2+ is one of our game series, “Shall we date?”. We sincerely hope enjoying our games and give us feedback!