Download First Aid: abc protocol for Android



What you can do until the ambulance arrives.

First Aid

This application is based on the ABCDE protocol, and army first aid
ABCD protocol stands for:

►Airway: -choking. -chinlift. -jawtrust.
►Breating: -look, feel, listen, -hyperventilation, -collapsed lung,
The application helps to make a selection to start CPR or not.
sound rhyme -cpr adult 30-2, – baby cpr 15-2. cpr rhyme is 100 times a minute.
►Circulation: -Heavy bleeding, Internal bleeding, Burns, Snakebite.
►Disability: -recovery position.
►Exposure: -AMPLE (Allergy, Medication, Past illness history, Last Meal, Events/Environment.

This application is also useful as a reference. Or for training / exercises.

Please note that this application is a tool, a protocol.
Based on medical knowledge and experience.
Each situation is different…
The author can not be held responsible for incorrect use of this application.
The author assumes no legal responsibility for use of this application.
Always use your common sense. Use the information as a tool.