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Any Option Mobile Binary Options Trading
The platform is web-based and traders can log in to your account from anywhere. Traders can also opt-in to receive text messages to inform you of the outcome of your trade.

Traders have the option to choose between 4 different expiry times on most of the trade able assets:
End of the hour / day / week / month

For customers purchasing hourly options, they can take advantage of the “Profit Line” feature. It’s a real-time chart which tracks and displays your profit so you can see exactly your investment success.

The range of languages offered on the platform include:
English, French, Russian, Arabic, Turkish, Italian and German

The show-off wall is a great feature. It shows trades carried out by clients in real-time, giving you a picture of who’s profiting and by how much.

The “Roll-forward” feature allows traders to push forward the expiry time of their option if they wish to, to the nearest expiry time available.

Customer Support:
The support is available in 7 languages and can be reached by email, phone or chat.