Download Submarine Hunter Depth Charge for Android


Take command of Depth Charge, an elite squad of submarine hunters.
Use a variety of tools to discover the location of the hidden submarines and destroy them.
Command your own minesweeper and destroy those subs in this thrilling puzzle game.

The first level will familiarize you with the basics.
After that there's an additional 39 levels for you to solve.
Only the smartest will be able to get a three star score on all the levels.

Play for a highscore on the Google Play Leaderboards.
Should only be attempted by experienced players,
that's why this mode only unlocks after completing level 15 of the campaign.

Game features : Depth charge, Sonar buoy, Triple depth charge, Homing depth charge, Range charge, Camera charge and more coming soon !

The ocean , the tranquil sea , is full of threats. But your warship will eliminate them.


" Super ! It's just like a modern version of minesweeper , but without the flags ! "

" The balancing of the levels is perfect "

" A very addictive and original puzzle game "

" Already at level 26 , cannot stop playing "

" I expected good but got great ! "

" The silent hunter becomes the hunted ! "

" I play this on the sub ! "

" U-boat down!