Download Wedding Day SPA! Bride & Groom for Android


The wedding is here, it's time to get everyone's makeup on and ready for the show! Your new beauty salon has the important task of fashion design and dressing girls and boys for the big event. Design your own romantic white fashions for the wedding, dress the bride and groom to look their best, put on make up and send them out for their big day!

Both the boys and the girls in the wedding need some fashion advice from your salon. Dress the girls in white dresses and the boys in handsome tuxedos. Bring the bride and groom in to put on their makeup. This is going to be a romantic day, so make sure they look their best. Design amazing white fashions, dresses and makeup to make sure this wedding is the best ever!

– Run your beauty salon preparing for a romantic wedding.
– Dress boys and girls in their marriage fashions.
– Give the bride a pretty white dress and makeup
– Choose 4 different boys and 4 girls to makeover.
– Make this day the most romantic day ever!

How to Play:
– Use the touch screen to choose a boy or a girl to give a fashion makeover to.
– Dress up each one by choosing dresses, shoes and outfits.
– Apply makeup and pick out a beautiful hairstyle.

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