Download DittoBeat: Repeat Music Rhythm for Android


Test your skills and become the ultimate rhythmic copycat. Watch to learn the multicolored patterns and then repeat back the sequence as accurately as you can to the rhythm of the music.

Enjoy captivating gameplay that develops your rhythm and timing skills to upbeat electronic music. Players are awarded combo and score points based on their ability to precisely echo back rhythm patterns using the multicolored controller. Be careful, missing 3 times means game over!


◆ Easy To Use
◆ Separate Easy and Hard difficulty level for each song.
◆ Exclusive upbeat electronic music
◆ Global Ranking
◆ Obtain Awards and collect coins
◆ PowerUps to boost your score
◆ Portrait and Landscape display support
◆ Advanced synchronization settings provide a great experience on virtually any device.
◆ Download new songs that are automatically made available.