Download Tabbt – Share Expenses for Android


Tabbt is the free, social finance network for sharing and splitting expenses and sending money to your friends!

Share costs and bills within seconds! Lend or borrow money to/from friends without losing track.

Forget shuffling cash! Pay the next round to pay your friends back or send them money from right within the app – splitting costs was never this easy!

Tabbt is the best way to keep track of your IOUs, group payments & costs and shared bills with your friends and flatmates: Vacation, apartment bills, restaurants, roadtrips, taxi rides, office, birthday partys, cash etc. – and faster than Splitwise or Lendstar – organizing your group expenses was never that easy and quick before.

Create a tab, add your friends, set the amount you paid, adjust the shares and send the tab – done!
Everyone receives an instant notification with the created tab. All tabs add up to an ongoing balance between you and your contacts. You have got the perfect overview of how much you owe to whom and who paid for what. Easy, clear and transparent.

• Share group expenses with your friends
• Comment and edit
• Invite your friends via SMS, Email or Facebook
• or add them as guests if they are not on Tabbt

With a clear UI and a modern design we provide you a smooth and comfortable experience when using the app.

No internet connection? No problem! If you are creating a tab while e.g. travelling, the tab will be saved offline. As soon as you have an internet connection all tabs will be sent and received.
Thanks to the sync mechanism, you can use Tabbt on all your devices at the same time.

The app is free and does not contain any ads. However, if you use the PayPal payment option, PayPal Inc. will charge a transaction free.