Download Euroscanner for Android


Euroscanner is a new free application by Palmasid Development, which helps you to identify the validation, of any Euro banknote quickly and easily.
Based on the European banking system, it uses an algorithm for a pretty accurate validation check of your banknotes and in addition the country where your banknote was printed.(remember it only works for Euro banknotes.)

To use Euroscanner, all you have to do is, type the serial number of your banknote (found in the up left or down right corner at the back of your note.)
and press CHECK. Always the first symbol if it's a letter must be capital.

Euroscanner is not responsible if, however a serial number is valid, the bankonte isn't. For 100% security, check your note with the additional ways (found in the "more ways" section of the application) that the European Banking System provides.
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