Download ZephyrFree Wind Speed Meter for Android


This application brings the functionalities of basic Anemometer (max 20 m/s) to your phone.

This free edition has a reduced download size and a minimal presence of advertising.

Dynamic wind speed measuring mode with real time chart, wind direction display (compass).

Suitable for any winter and summer windsport!

>>Quick start
The application relies on the mobile microphone signal. To achieve the best results consider the following:
1) fast calibration (only the first time): see the calibration section of the user manual
2) avoid measurement in presence of loud noises (heavy traffic,motorbikes, trucks, loud talking,shots)
3) check that there are no wind shields on your mic (such as fingers, covers or labels)
4) orient the back of the phone in the direction of the wind (keeping the display in front of you)
5) click the wind meter button

1) Wrong calibration: You must set the Noise level: see the User's Guide calibration section.
2) Attenuation on mobile mic: your measurements never reach the thereshold blue line. Restart android
3) No signals detected below 1 m/s or over 20 m/s: The smart phone microphones do not work under/over a specific pressure. Due to the maximun SPL level supported by the mic, the maximum speed detectable by the smartphone is lower than 20 m/s ( usually it is about 15 m/s)