Download Quick Stress Relief for Android


This is a FREE plugin of Daily Yoga and does not open on its own.

Please install the main app 'Daily Yoga' before using this plugin:

– Relaxes the body. Stretches your stiff muscles.
– Relieves brain tension. Activates your inner energy.
– Releases stress. Eases your anxiety & depression.

– After practicing, having a hot bath and an oil massage would be much more favorable.
– Before sleep, playing a piece of light music guarantees you a tight sleep.

Office workers, heads up. Sedentary lifestyle slowly endangers our health in a dreadful but indistinct way. Feel exhausted after work? Too stressful to sleep? Losing your appetite? Don't worry. Let the magic power of yoga heal you.

This stress relief sequence is great for a tired body and a busy mind. It stretches your whole body, calms your nervous system and shift your anxiety into positive energies.

Let go of your worries and inhibitions. Open your heart. Enjoy!