Download NEUROANATOMY – Digital Atlas for Android


The Focus Digital Atlas on Neuroanatomy

*The most comprehensive Atlas with an exhaustive array of plates!

*A 3D animated, reference tool to recognize and comprehend anatomical positions, planes, dissection layers, and understand clinical manifestations of various medical conditions

* Includes 3D animation videos of important applied aspects with clinical perspectives!

*Includes Interactive images with detailed description for each label, enabled with user-paced on/off feature and zoom-in /out options

Extensive information accessible through valuable visual tools using 3D animations accompanied by audio and interactive images.

– Excellent Learning tool
– Ideal for Knowledge retention
– Reinforces knowledge through unlimited viewing
-Enhances the learning and teaching experience

The topics include:
1. Meninges and dural venous sinuses
2. Cerebrum – surfaces, sulci and gyri, functional areas
3. Interior of cerebrum – nuclei, horizontal and coronal sections
4. Thalamus and hypothalamus
5. Brainstem External features
6. Brain stem Internal features
7. Cerebellum – External and Internal
8. Ventricles of the brain and CSF flow dynamics
9. Blood supply of the brain