Download Magic Numbers – Magic Games for Android


an app of incredible magic!

Magic Numbers is a collection of magic tricks that read the thought with magic tricks! In fact it will be able to tell you the number that you thought and not only this !.

there really are magical games of all types, and reads the thought with magical tables, columns magic numbers of shoes, year of birth and much other games with magic tricks.

you can also play with your friends and surprise them with this game of magic, you'll be a mentalist, will not believe their eyes and they sbalordirai with this sleight of hand, you believe an expert in mentalism.
this collection of magic tricks with numbers will give the illusion of, telepathy, illusionism, clairvoyance and you will become an 'illusionist and a clairvoyant in the eyes of your friends !.

this collection of magic tricks can be used as a playground for entertainers and magicians, who can entertain their audience at parties.

What are you waiting for? , Test yourself and become a magician magic numbers !.

The app is translated in English, Español, Français, Deutsch, Român, Polski, Português, Italian, Dutch and Svenska.