Download Ninja Dog Jump for Android


Ninja Dog Jump

Game description:
Ninja Dog Jump is a very addictive and challenging action game, your goal is to control the ninja dogs to run and jump and try to collect the most more gold. But be careful fell underground, or hit the red ground. One finger can play all actions of ninja dog, it is very simple and flexible.

Game play:
1. Finger touch screen to control ninja dog jumping
2. Try to collect all the gold coins, you'll get an extra bonus.
3. When the tower is appears, you must click on the screen, allowing the dog to jump ninja, ninja dog flying in the air, when once again tap the screen and hold, ninja dog will throw a dart, trying to suck in the tower, and then release you fingers, ninja dog will play aerial turn, across the tower, absolutely cool! Do not miss!

Game highlights
* Simple –one finger can get in the game
* Classical game screen
* Pleasant background music and movement dubbing
* You can play with different scene
* Global high score leader board