Download Truck on the Move – Challenges for Android


Trucks are huge vehicles mainly for delivering cargo. They are the Kings of the road, but even the biggest road vehicles are able to race, and are ready for a little fun. Starting from a village you must drive your truck in the highways with your cargo, endlessly avoiding obstacles, traffic and other vehicles.

This road trip is not a sport, but sometimes will be similar to a rally with all bottlenecks, twists and turns. Speed is of an important issue, but the most important is not to win the race, but to deliver the cargo as far as possible. Trucks mean realistic driving and cargo delivering fun to you – try it!

This game is an arcade representation of a high-end truck, so beware of the power of the machinery!

Realistic view will help you to simulate the movement of a truck on a touch sensitive screen. In both of the environments used in the game the traffic is very intensive, you truck needs a huge concentration from you, the driver. As cargo delivery is about racing against them, expect speedups in packs.

Villages always mean intense traffic, as they are the living place of thousands and thousands of people. Traffic never stops in villages and of course – due to the traffic systems – villages are connected with each other using highways. Highways are high quality roads with high volume of traffic, where trucks can deliver their goods in optimal time. Highways are generally the main roads for trucks, so you, the player will be familiar with driving a truck from a village to the highways. Even some people thinks, that highways are a special racing ground, that isn't true – driving in the huge traffic needs big concentration.

– Lifelike graphics covering real time simulation aspects
– Unique truck driving fun
– Endless gameplay
– Unmatched environment for cargo delivery by truck
– Different challenges: bottlenecks, contraflow, moving machinery, traffic, motorcycles, etc..
– Intuitive control methods: direct control using your fingers. Alternate controls with relative touch.
– 3D Environment
– Village environment with it's inhabitants, buildings and machinery followed by highway environment with traffic, vehicles and obstacles
– Lots of powerups: Slow Motion, Coin Magnet, Shield, etc.
– Different skins for your vehicle for added gaming fun.