Download Crazy Moto Racing Free for Android


Crazy Moto Racing is a fast Moto racing game, You will be riding powerful Motos around the 3D World!

-Control the Motos as fast as you can during the traffic rush time!

-Enjoy the Nice Cities you will find during the gameplay, the City, Desert, Forest, Snowy City and more!!!

-The way to play is very easy:
-Tilt the phone to turn Left and Right
-Tap the Screen to Speed Up!

Tips to get a higher score:
-Everytime you Speed Up your points will be multiplying on the Right side of screen!
-Beaware of the vehicles, they may run on both ways!
-Watch out the Fuel indicator and get all Fuel points around the street!
-Enjoying feeling the speed and hearing the sounds of these powerful machines!
-Please tell us your feedback, rate or comment if you like Crazy Moto Racing game!