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Welcome to Trial Moto Cross a free sports game with drivers deserts to earn easy money is to travel in the back country! you are sponsored by soft drinks which gives your wings
goal is to go as fast as possible in this race and score points through dangerous jumps.
Freestyle X or trial with this 3D world championship for Senior and Expert difficulty outdoor
and become the best trialist events.

Notice to amateur sports and strong sensation of high-level Trial Moto Cross you will be in the heat
sand of the largest deserts in the wheel Made in Wheeling! winners will be those drivers in each category with the most money and as the storyteller throughout ca career.
Incredibly fun made ​​your figures in the air and make new circuit 25 countries being represented.

Trial Moto Cross emphasizes performance winning the majority of the events and titles to be ranked among your friend (s) and share your score on social networks has come as an improvement.
Based on the engine IRDS this game offers realistic sensations and incredible playability all in 3D
High definition graphics for the new generation.

This set was tested on:
Samsung Galaxy S2-
-Samsung Galaxy S3
-Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung Galaxy-S5
– Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0
– Google Nexus 4
– Google Nexus July 2012

The team pooandplay thank you your support means a lot to us!
hoping that you would be appreciated Trial Moto Cross 3D
Thank you for your appreciation in the comments to allow us to evolve this game through
contained and put us a day.