Download Fighter Jet 3D Parking for Android


Jet Fighter 3D Story:

In our base on the ocean plane landed a new GF-240 which tells us to take care on UFOs in the area, as they take a solution that is toxic. We need to get on this flight GF-240 and take off to touch some sensitive areas and enable them to prevent the occurrence of UFOs. There is no free pilot at this point, and we do not manage to piloted aircraft. We need to find someone sooner. We thought that you are the right person to do this, because you have the skills and qualities needed to fly this aircraft GF-240.

3D Fighter Jet is a new game that will captivate you and that will put more skills to the test. Be careful not to fall off the plane must fly it very well, to be a pilot. You must go through each circle, to be active. Be careful not to hit the edges of the circle because you have to start from the beginning, because it will damage the plane. You must hurry because you always available, everything is timed. You have a few seconds to finish the mission. To be as fast as trying to start circles closer and then go to the most distant circles.

Jet Fighter 3D has some characteristics:
– This game has 9 levels, different, that will test your precision and attention.
– Try to finish the levels as fast as you finish that level very soon you will get 3 stars, if you finish in an average time you get only two stars and get a star if you get near the end to finish the time
– You can drive this plane with levers or turning the phone
– Try not wrong, because you will be asked to start from the beginning.

3D Fighter Jet Plane is a new game, which will put all the experience in sight, and you will test. Try to finish these 9 levels as quickly as not many have managed it.

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This game is FREE and SAFE for download