Download Titan Warrior for Android


Era of the brave and true – Titan Warrior

Time for a change from the usual, boring RPG game!
Gather around if you're tired of the complacency of auto-battle!
Return to your gaming roots!!
'Titan Warrior' is the answer for true gamers!


■ A high-quality MORPG on a whole other level
-A wild and deliciously savage hack and slash!
-Stylish and intricate 3D details enhance your gaming experience!

■ Create Real-Time parties
-Clear dungeons in a party of 4!
-Battle mobs with your party members!

■ An RPG for RPG lovers everywhere!!
-Detailed gameplay that even seasoned RPG players will appreciate!
-Experience the ultimate level of two-hand gameplay!!

■ An extravagant skill combo system
-Unleash devastating skill combinations!
-Use skills without the restraint! NO cooldowns! NO MP limits!

■ Specialization system! Power up your warriors!
-Choose from various specializations, including Crusader, Pyro Knight, Dark Sorceress, Elementalist, etc.!
-Be a part of a strategic team based on the varying specializations!!

(Available on tablet mode)