Download Gladiators: Call of Arena for Android


Build an Empire of Gladiators! Train, Build & Fight!

★ ★ ★ BATTLE FOR GLORY ★ ★ ★
Even a slave can topple an empire. In Gladiators: Call of Arena, ancient heroes help you in your strategizing to become the most powerful Gladiator lord of all time. Pick your combatants, buy equipment and refine their skills as you pursue fame and fortune.

☆ Destroy enemies in Gladiators: Call of Arena☆
Pick your combatants, buy equipment and refine their skills and strategize your rise to becoming the most powerful Lord of Gladiators!

☆ Build Your Empire ☆
Build your Roman empire so you can pillage neighboring kingdoms and force them to pay you tribute to your Empire & its Heroes.

☆ Gladiator Heroes ☆
Take advantage of famous Gladiators such as 300’s Leonidas and Spartacus and enlist them to fight in your Roman Arena.

☆ Battle the World ☆
Face off against Gladiators from around the world or decimate your Facebook friends to become god of the arena, the choice is yours!

☆ Underground & Formal Arenas ☆
Pick between these options as you decide your path to Gladiator Glory. Only with decisive tactics and blood thirsty ambition will you rise to victory.

Unique Choices! Fight in real time or turn based strategy matches in the Gladiator Arena.
Over 100 Gladiators! Including Legendary Heroes like Spartacus & 300’s Leonidas.
Sim City like city building! Defend your Empire by creating your city! Build up your city to build up your Empire!
Gladiators: Call of Arena features REAL & rotatable 3 D, to get the best perspective for when you clash with other Gladiators.
100 s of Skills & 7 Classes make every fighter and fight unique. Level up Gladiators and find the perfect set of skills!

☆Connect with Gladiators: Call of Arena ☆

Important Notice:
** Device with a minimum of 1 GB RAM (before install) is recommended.
Performance is not guaranteed on device with less than 1 GB RAM.
** A minimum 300 MB memory space is required to install the game with all the contents.