Download Heroes of Galaxy for Android


The most magnificent interstellar war adventure game on Google Play. Build your elite team, upgrade your weapons and equipment. Lead your powerful space team to conquer all enemies and make them fear you in the whole universe.

▲ Unlock new battlefields, lead your team against the epic BOSS
Choose your team members ,create new equipment、upgrade your skills、Plot your strategy,make them unbeatable.

▲ Beautiful servant girl of amazing combat capability
Get your exclusive beauty girls. They provide strong backup support for you. Let your enemies wish that they were never born.

▲ The battle of the universe
Defeat the enemy from throughout the universe. Fight your facebook friends. Become the god of the arena. The choice is yours!

▲ Fierce Arenas
Pick between these options as you decide your path to Hero-Glory. Only with decisive tactics and bloodthirsty ambition you will rise to victory.


▲ Delicated cards– Contain brilliant artist styles and picture quality, high futuristic fashion
▲ Shocking special efficiency– Ignore the way you battled in card games and use the excellent 3D model to show the classic and fluent special efficiency
▲ Callling maid– Call Babata, Monsteress with the golden horn, Killing Avatar and many more. These beautiful beasts will help you to defend the enemies.
▲ PVP battle– Plot points, Practice Tower, duel field, axe field. Variously designed ways to play.
▲ Talent system– Every character has its own strategy, magic and combination skills. Every player has endless strategic fun in his hands.
▲ Kill monsters and get rewards– Virtual intergalactic companies, a black market, a stock market, treasure hunts, stars investement and monster treasures. There are numerous ways to play.