Download Gunshot on screen for Android


This game lets you use a gun or a laser and crack to pieces the screen on your device!
When the display will crack, pieces of broken glass will fall off. No other free application does this.
If you use the laser to destroy the display, parts of the screen will catch on fire. No friend of yours has something so cool!
Every animation has a sound for amazing realistic effects!

This game can be used for fun or relaxation after a days work.
Or you can use as a joke and amaze a friend!

How to use:
– click for a gunshot: broken glass pieces could fall off!
– if you want to use the laser, slowly move finger on the display: fire will appear
– to exit the application press "back" button

To clear the screen, simply shake the device: all gunshots and fire traces will disappear.
Thanks for playing our free game and please tell your friends!