Download Random Adventure Roguelike for Android


Random Adventure Roguelike is a Rogulike-like game with an adventure touch where you play as a hero who fight against monsters and makes quests asked by villagers.

It is completely FREE! Nothing to buy for real money! There's just a "donate" option for those interested in supporting the game.

Begin your adventure by choosing your name and distributing your three main stats: Attack, Defense and Speed.

Be asked for a first mission at the first location.

You can do many things in the Villages:

· Buy equipment, potions and tools at the Shop.
· Buy food at the Bar.
· Rest in the Inn.
· Craft items in the Craftshop.
· Learn a Skill at the Skill Master.

Travel to other locations like Mountains, Forests, Caves, Rivers, Cemeteries…

Depending on the location, if you have the right tool you can do many things:

· Use a pick to mine, in order to obtain ores to craft other tools or weapons, and even armor.

· Use a chopping axe to chop trees to obtain wood. Sell it, or use it to craft as well!

· Use a fishing rod to fish fishes! Can you collect them all?

· Use a shovel to dig for treasures!

· Pick up plants!

· Of course, kill Monsters! Then, try to Chop them to obtain raw food, or use a Skinning Knife to obtain their skin! Then, at the Craftshop, you're able to convert the skin into leather! WithLeather and an Ore, you can craft an armor!

· Find rare Sheets from the Ancient Book! When you find all the Sheets, you can read the whole story!

Use Skills to take advantage:

· Firecamp: To cook raw food!

· Vision: To be able to see if there's a monster or a village in all the directions!

· Invisible: Become invisible to the monsters' eyes for a few turns!

· Consider: To know how strong an enemy is before engaging it in combat!

There are more things to be added as this is a game still in progress. I, the only developer behind this, am going to try to update it as often as I can.

I hope you have fun playing my first big project!