Download Film Story. Free Movie Dressup for Android


Dream big and shoot for the stars! The movie stars, that is.

In Film Story, Dine with famous celebs as you become the hottest director in town!

Welcome to showbiz, baby!
* Direct your own movies to become a famous director!
* Decide how you want your movie to look!
* Hire famous celebs to star in your movies!
* Dress up your actors in trendy fashions fit for the part!
* Film on location, with many 3D sets to choose from!
* Choose how you want your movie to end!

Meet famous celebs !
*Meet the most famous celebrities in Glamourwood, like Chat Pitt and Johnny Dipp!
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*Earn money and fame whenever you premiere a new movie!
*Do fun jobs, like making commercials, going to wacky conventions, and walking the red carpet!

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Lights! Camera! Action!