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If you've been looking for a quality football manager game for your phone, then you've found it. Hattrick is the original online manager game, online since 1997, with a roaring strong community of hundreds of thousands active members. Now also available for Android phones!

This app has been created for both our existing users and for anyone that wants to join our community.

What is Hattrick all about?
In Hattrick, you get to run your own football club. Scout talent, train players, pick your best team and set the tactics for league and cup competitions. You compete against human managers and can interact with them in many ways.

What will this app do for you?
This app has been designed to give all users a great new channel for accessing and playing Hattrick. It provides key functionality from the website, such as the ability to check your team status, set match orders, and check match results.

How do I play Hattrick?
Although Hattrick is very engaging and addictive, we have designed the game so that anyone can understand it, and have the time for it. Hattrick is a humanly paced game with one league game and one cup game per week. Your decisions will form the team over time, through training and transfer market actions. You get results through planning and outsmarting your opponents, rather than logging in to click every 15 minutes.

Is Hattrick a free game?
The game is free and you cannot pay for advantages in game play. Many of our users have played for 5 or even 10 years, proof that when you enter Hattrick, you really do enter a very engaging and unique football universe. It is possible to pay for extra features that do not affect your team's performance.

A worldwide community
Hattrick is available in over 50 languages and we have 128 national leagues each with local communities!

What are the features of the Hattrick app?
* Check team and player status
* Match list with your team's previous, future and current games
* Set match orders for upcoming games
* Match report page during matches
* Series page with current table positions and links to recent games
* Push notifications for live match results