Download Archer bow shooting for Android


This addictive game improve your skills! Practice your bow shooting skills and become a master of the world! Grab a Archer bow shooting game a show who is the best archer!
This is the best archery game (with hd graphics, statistics, achievements and online high score) you can get!

How to play:
Tap and move finger to aim, release finger to shoot. Remember to look at the wind!
Don't aiming too long. Shoot faster beacuse When you will long aiming – your hand will tremble more!

– HD high quality graphics
– realistic physics
– four target distance
– online leaderboards (powered by Google Play Services)
– achievements (powered by Google Play Services)
– statistics
– great gameplay
– optimized for smartphones and tablets (HD & non HD)
– great shoot sfx
– user friendly interface

This game requires reflex and resistance to stres but is good for kids and adults!

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