Download Drift Basketball for Android


This game is best for you if you like BASKETBALL, SPEEDING and CARS.

Because, you will witness a mobile game you've never seen before, right now. Basketball playing, drifting cars are going to astonish you.

This game is so far different from any other basketball games! Although the aim in the game is mostly scoring a basket like other basketball games, characters in the game are not basketball players but the cars! We removed people from the game and put drifting cars in place of these players to keep the excitement at maximum.

But wait, there is more! We put some mines and missiles on cars. We also made some changes on rules, and gave more than one ball, put some traffic cones and locate spectators on the ground that you can hit by your car. We hope, you will love the basketball game more in this style and wish you will spend a good time on it.

There are 3 game modes in the game. Practice, Story and Arcade. Each game mode consists of many packages and sub levels. In addition, there are many cars and trucks that you can choose for racing. Of course you need to make some money in the game to access all cars.

We hope that we made a good game with graphics, sounds, user friendly controls and strange game logic. We expect your 5 stars ratings to encourage ourselves to improve this game and develop more games.

There is no more to say! Download, play and experience yourself.