Download My Champions Club for Android


  My Champions Club’s operation is easy and simple, you can challenge any top team in everywhere and as the level increase and you can also participate in various leagues. Indulge yourself in fanfare cheering, and live in the yelling, applause of the stadium crowd!

  Want to build your own dream team? No problem, more than thousands of players for you to choose. Batistuta, Beckham, Bagio and more football stars all under your control!

  Ever defined graphic with cheerful gaming character! Experience day and night alternate effect upon entering game, with its nuance main interface, pure fluffy cloud and shining star, await you into leading on the field.
  Fresh game screen, cute character modeling! Having nuance main interface. Once enter main interface, day and night alternate effect will appear, the beautiful cloud and shining star, awaiting you to leading on the field.

  The sea of crowd, flashing lights, running on field, ball passing, shootout and goalmouth scramble, a series of these pictures rendered one by one. With the cheering of spectators, it will definitely give you surreal feeling.
  This is a legendary soccer world. Here, you can plot your soccer world to your heart’s content, be it placing Thierry Henry as a defender? Or teaming C. Ronaldo and Messi to walk off with UEFA Cup? Or recreate the history of miracle of Istanbul? It’s all up to you! There many more PVP, PVE classic game to be discovered. This summer- World Cup Legend, once again, to be made happen by you.

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