Download Legend of Empire – Daybreak for Android


Conquer the ancient realm, build your powerful empire, evoke the lost glory! Legend of Empire is a brilliant mixture of fast-paced strategy and tactical combat. Just PLAY FOR FREE in this addictive simulation and strategy MMO game!

– Build and Customize your own mighty Empire.
– Train vast troops of Swordman, Assassin, Paladin & Mage.
– Upgrade Dwarf, Treant, and even Faerie Dragon to fortify your Empire!
– Raise a cruel army, plan attack to expand your territory.
– Wishing at Moon Well, Summon legendary ELF Heroes to fight with your people.
– Craft epic weapons & embed them with magical gems. Equip them to your Heroes!
– Rediscover the ancient wisdom, research technologies to make your Empire more powerful.
– Play online and chat with people from all over the world.
– Create or Join an Alliance and battle together! Make friends, Chat, Help and Trade with each other in the Alliance.
– Forge diplomatic alliance. Pick out a Spy, defeat opposing force.
– Watch the animate Battle Report, arrange your troops, set an rally with your allies, and plan strategic battles in REAL-TIME.

Hold your crown, muster your armed troops before dawn, Holy War of DAYBREAK is starting!

★★★★★ "The only game I play because it’s freaking awesome!! "
★★★★★ "Good game. Blows time. Love playing it with my husband. "
★★★★★ "The details are soooo beautiful. Fun game! "

Please Note:
1. Legend of Empire is completely free to play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money.
2. Internet connection is required to play Legend of Empire.