Download Second Earth for Android


Explore the vast universe to discover new planets and gain mysterious ores.
Upgrade your planet to the limits with Cubes.
Invade other planets with the aid of new units with unique fighting abilities.
Behold! The ultimate hero is now available for service.

A new era of Second Earth has arrived!
Now available for download!

1. Explore deep space!
– Send a probe to deep space to discover new planets.
– Conquer planets to gain a huge amount of resources and mysterious Ores.
– Use your best strategy to conquer the planet.

2. Enhance with Cubes!
– Merge Ores together to make a Cube!
– Cubes have mysterious power to boost the planet & unit's defense or attack abilities
– Mount the cubes to an alien artifact 'Monolith' in order to unleash its power!

3. New Elite units, ready for action!
– 3 types of elite units with unique abilities has joined us
– Assassin, a nimble stealth unit
– Flame, a unit who will burn up as the battle gets heated up
– Heavy, an unstoppable defense and charge

4. Behold! The ultimate weapon has just arrived!
– A new type of evolving unit has been developed by N.S.E.F
– Use it to defend your planet or battle on the front line
– More Hero features are coming soon!!

5. More new features introduced on Second Earth 2.0!
– See who is the best among your friends with Friendly Battle
– 30 new single-player planets are available to be conquered
– Various new missions have been added

You can freely switch devices and continue your game-play by logging in with the same Facebook account, you've used to play Second Earth.

Note: A network connection is required to play this game.

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