Download Ambush! – Tower Offense (Beta) for Android


Ever wondered what it's like to be invading in a Tower Defense game? Here's your chance to find it out!

For many years Vikings of a mighty clan protected their land, building bases to defend territories and crushing enemies beyond count. But the Wise One said: the time for Great Invasions has come! Ambush the neighboring tribes! Send forth your armies and crush their defenses!

Challenge other players in a unique mixture of well-known and beloved Tower Defense and a BRAND NEW Tower Offense game modes! Defend your realm and conquer others!

*** Cool stuff ***
• NEW! Tower Offense (rush your armies through others' defenses!)
• Tower Defense (build towers, destroy invaders)
• Heroes! That's a game changer!

*** And basics ***
• 20 tower types and upgrades – a variety of damage types
• 20 battle units and monsters with different perks. Combine them wisely to pass through defenses
• Research for a might boost
• Two battle grounds – Native and Inferno

The game requires Internet connection.