Download Kids Music Play-Along for Android


Introduce your kids to the fun world of music with this great play-along songs game. Pick from lots of fun instruments and songs! App has a very easy interface that makes it accessible and educational for even very young children. Use this app as a great tool to supplement your child's introduction to music.

Instruments includes bells, cat, trumpet, dog, accordion, harp, tin whistle, clarinet, flute, guitar, alien, sitar, saxophone, organ, monster, piano, bee, tuba, sheep, monkey, violin, cow, chicken, pig and more! (some instruments require in-app purchase)

Songs include: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, All Around the Mulberry Bush, London Bridge is Falling Down, Mary had a Little Lamb, Hot Cross Buns, Row Row Row your Boat, Oh Susanna, and more (some songs require in-app purchase)

This app has in-app purchase that is accessible behind a parent lock.