Download Dog Phrasebook Translator Joke for Android


Dog Phrasebook Translator is a prank, a joke translator for dogs and puppies! The Phrasebook offers you the most used common phrases recorded in dog language by native speakers – the dogs! Every image on interface is the actual phrase, hearing this dogs reacts on it! Use these phrases in doggish like a foreign tourist abroad when you speak with your dog or puppy! Pets, most likely, will not understand you, but they will hear familiar sounds! Who knows, maybe native speech makes them feel more comfortable! Pretend that you can speak with your dog with the Dog Phrasebook Translator! Break down the language barrier and talk to dogs! Don’t hesitate to have conversation with puppies and use common phrases!

Several dog voices (male dog, female dog, kittens)
The most used common phrases-commands!
Wide range of language models for a content conversation with a dog!

Attention! Dog Phrasebook Translator is a joke and a prank! You cannot have a content conversation with dogs in reality like a foreign tourist abroad! Dogs and puppies will not follow any commands built in Dog Phrasebook Translator. This app was created for fun!